Where do you think of when the words ‘dim sum’ come to mind? For me, Yum Cha has always been synonymous with quality dim sum, and it is a restaurant that I have been patronizing ever since I was young. Till today, this remains unchanged. In conjunction with National Day, Yum Cha is releasing a special edition xiao long bao, available from 29 July to 13 August, and we also got to try some other dishes.


Bak Kut Teh Xiao Long Bao ($5.20/3 pieces)


In conjunction with Singapore’s 52nd birthday, this Bak Kut Teh Xiao Long Bao marries one of our most popular local soups as well as what Yum Cha is famous for. The buns are prepared through many hours of simmering pork ribs with a mixture of fragrant herbs, pepper and garlic. Unlike the usual peppery soup base, this broth boasts a herbal and slightly sweet flavour profile, much like the Malaysian Klang style.

I really enjoyed the herbal broth which I always prefer to the usual peppery one. The minced pork inside the baos was also tender and flavourful. This has got to be one of the most unique creations of xiao long bao I have tasted thus far.


Salted Egg Salmon Fish Skin ($12)


Another one of my favourites snacks to munch on – crispy salted egg fish skin. This was undoubtedly better than most variants I have tried. The crispy skin produced a resonant crack sound when bitten into. The salted egg sauce was fragrant and dense, with a robust salted egg taste.

If only there was more salted egg sauce, but I am not complaining. At $12, the portion was pretty hearty, its price point beating many other ‘tze char’ stalls serving the same dish. They also have this dish for takeaway, best for munching on while binging on dramas!


Charcoal Duck Buns ($5.80/3 pieces)


Mmmmm one of my favourite poultries – Duck. Put that in a crusty and fluffy bun and I am sold. Yum Cha’s variant of the pepper duck bun was flavourful with hearty chunks of duck pieces encased into fluffy charcoal buns. I felt that the pepper element could be more accented for a more robust taste overall.


Steamed Cai Xin with Minced Pork and Spicy Vegetables ($18)


I love this dish a lot. The finely minced pork and the Chinese sausages stir fried with goji berries was fragrant and definitely was something new that I have tried so far. The saltiness of the sausages mixed well with the natural sweetness of the goji berries, and there was not a thing not to like about this dish. Even a vegetable adverse person like me found the Cai Xin particularly soft and tasty.


Poached Prawns with Chinese Wine ($20)


When I think of poached prawns with my favourite chinese wine, I usually picture the prawns swimming in a pool of the seductively tasty sauce. However, this version comes in a basket without the prawns swimming in any sauce. I still found the prawns fresh and had a hint of the chinese wine, though I wished it could be stronger.


Prawns and Mango Rolls 


This is one reason why Yum Cha excels at their dim sum. This dish was executed so perfectly that every mouthful is a delight. The mango was sweet and the prawn was savoury, creating a splendid harmony which worked so well. Each roll was neither too oily, and just had the right amount of crunch. Prawns were juicy and the mango was not sour. I absolutely recommend this dish here.


Salted Egg Prawn Ball ($4.20/ 3 pieces)


Mmmm salted egg again, I just don’t get tired of this simple dish. Fresh prawns encased in a crispy ball dusted to a crisp finish with salted egg and curry leaves. What more can I ask for?

Overall, dim sum has to be one of my favourites since I was young and Yum Cha’s quality has not faltered over the years. Instead, it has been my go to for dim sum that never fails my expectations. I am still looking for a dim sum place in Singapore that can top Yum Cha. Anyone?


1. Yum Cha Chinatown

20 Trengganu St, #02-01 Chinatown, 058479

2. Yum Cha Changi

6 Changi Business Park Ave 1, #01-33, 486017