A cafe dedicated specially to dark chocolate? Admittedly, I am not a huge fan of chocolate, but dark chocolate wins my heart anytime. The Dark Gallery opened their first Singapore outlet in Millenia Walk last year, and they have followed up strong with their latest outlet at Takashimaya Basement 2 which is their full-fledged cafe and chocolate boutique with a retail section for chocophiles.

I had the opportunity to try out some of their hot favourites as well as some new entrants.


Frozen Chocolate Cube Latte in Dulcey Toffee ($9)


This is a new flavour launched and the chocolate latte is frozen in cubes as shown, accompanied by a small beaker of 2 shots of espresso and a beaker of milk. I only drank the drink after adding the milk and espresso, so I cannot comment on the individual taste of the cubes.I love the richness of the chocolate yet I could distinctively taste the robustness of the coffee.


Four Senses Chocolate – Sangria ($10)


Exclusive to the Takashimaya outlet; Four Senses of Chocolate ($10) presents The Dark Gallery’s signature 66% dark chocolate in four iced and hot drinks with different taste profiles; Sucré, Savoury, Spice and Sangria. My friend ordered the Sangria and it is the classic pairing of orange with chocolate in a drink – this zesty concoction combines cold-pressed fresh orange juice with iced chocolate and a lemon tart.

It is the only cold drink among the quartet and I felt that the drink was rich and refreshing at the same time. Cold pressed orange juice is used so that the pulp from the oranges do not go into the drink itself. The results is a smooth concoction of orange chocolate drink which reminds me of an orange chocolate melted down and presented chilled.


Signature 66% Dark Chocolate Cake ($8)


My search for an outstanding chocolate cake has come to an end. This cake has won me over with its rich chocolate taste and most importantly the cake has a fudgey texture which I love, reminiscent of a brownie cake. I am madly in love with this cake!!


Chocolate Souffle ($15)


Baked a-la-minute upon order, the Chocolate Soufflé ($15) is made with The Dark Gallery’s signature 66% dark chocolate with a touch of espresso coffee powder, which enhances and intensifies the taste of the cacao. The complementary scoop of vanilla ice cream provides a delightful cold contrast to the piping-hot pillow-soft soufflé which possesses a harmonious blend of sweet and bitter.


Genmaicha Latte ($6)


This caught my eye on the menu, together with Matcha Latte. I was a little surprised that a chocolate cafe would serve this but I knew I had to try it. Pleasantly surprised by the thick and earthy tasting Genmaicha which tasted pretty authentic for me. I love it.

Overall, The Dark Gallery is a solid cafe with strong chocolate and coffee offerings and shoppers can drop by for a snack and be refuelled.


The Dark Gallery

Millenia Walk: 9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-K5 Millenia Walk, 039596

Hours: 11.00am to 9.30pm daily

Takashimaya Shopping Centre: #B2-29 Ngee Ann City, 391 Orchard Road,, Singapore 238873

Hours: Open 11.00am to 10pm daily