Stateland Café is a full-fledged bistro serving up delicious Asian fusion cuisine. Located in the heart of Singapore at Bali Lane, Stateland Café shares the same 2 story space as Brother Bird, which also belongs to the owner of Stateland.

The menu is pretty exciting as well, from crowd favourites such as the “Hainanese Chicken Rice Risotto” to “Korean Fried Chicken Waffle”, you will not find any mundane dishes here. Instead, Stateland’s food will attack your tastebuds with glee and satiate your palate. Lets get down to the details shall we?


Hainanese Chicken Risotto

Hainanese Chicken Rice Risotto ($20) || Soy braised chicken, ginger risotto, sriracha chilli vinaigrette, nai bai, fried shallots, chicken skin and spring onions

Presenting Stateland’s mainstay item which is a must order. This dish combines both my favourite two dishes: Chicken rice & risotto into one dish that prove to be a party in your mouth with its full flavours. The dish already looks as aesthetic as it is, with a sizeable portion that two can share.

First of all, I must say I really appreciate the creative flair of the dish. Who would have thought of combining our everyday chicken rice with an Italian risotto? This brilliant creation right here touches on what strikes us Singaporeans – chicken rice. There is not one element of this dish I did not love, well except the cabbage, but that is because I am not a veggie eater.

The risotto broth was flavourful and well balanced. I prefer my risotto to be more of the wet kind, think something like ‘mui fan’. The risotto here takes the money for me. The chicken chunks were sizable and tender, and although I am not a fan of spiciness, the chilli vinaigrette tasted so much like my favourite chicken rice chilli but only more empowering. I loved it so much. The crispy chicken skin added a good texture too.


Soy Korean Fried Chicken Waffle ($18) ||  Fried chicken cutlet on kimchi slaw, cinnamon scented waffle, soy and garlic glaze and spring onions

I am such a huge sucker for waffles and fried chicken, which is why I ordered this dish without hesitation. There is another version which is spicy, but since I don’t take well to spicy food then this will gladly suffice. Kudos to Stateland for offering both spicy and non-spicy options.

Simply plated, the huge slab of fried chicken caught my eye and induced some serious drooling from both my dining partner and I. The chicken was delightfully crispy with a resonant crunch upon sinking my teeth into it. The taste of the chicken instantly brought me back to the days when I had fried chicken in Korea. There was an element of authenticity that I felt this chicken here shared with the ones I had in Korea. The slab of chicken remained tender and moist despite not soaking up the accompanying soy sauce. I was impressed with the kimchi slaw, something I otherwise would not touch. It was creamy and sweet with spicy undertones that I could tolerate.The waffle was crispy and airy but could manage with being a bit more fluffy.




Something to sweeten the deal at Stateland would be their lunch sets that come with any drink on the menu with any order of a main. All these at nett prices! Being a long time customer of Stateland, the café has come a long way in terms of food quality and their execution. I appreciate their craft and effort put into their food and will highly recommend this place for anyone looking to eat good fusion food.

Stateland Asian Fusion Café

Address: 30 Bali Lane, Singapore 189866

Opening Hours: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday to Thursday – 12pm to 9.30pm, Friday & Saturday – 12pm to 10.30pm, Tuesday – 6pm to 10pm

Phone: Whatsapp 92964997 for reservations