For our hotel in Shiretoko, we managed to snag a warm and homely hotel right next to the ocean. As affordable hotels in Shiretoko are generally hard to get, we found the price for this hotel a good deal at less than $100 a night. Iruka Hotel is japanese for ‘dolphin’, and a large dolphin cartoon was plastered to the signboard of the hotel. I would not call this a hotel; it is more like a homely Air BnB that has only 12 rooms. Free Wifi and parking is available also. This hotel is ideal for exploring Shiretoko as the Shiretoko National Park (your main aim in visiting Shiretoko) is only 1.7km away.


As you can see, this is the view of the ocean from our room on the second floor, which also houses the hotel’s only restaurant and the balcony deck which is accessed from the restaurant. The ocean is literally steps away from the hotel. Despite being so close to the ocean, it was not particularly chilly at night as the room was fitted with a warmer which we set to 22 degrees. We stayed for only a night but it was a warm and cozy night sleeping on futons instead of the usual beds, which I found more comfortable, strangely.


My Dad at the balcony deck in the day. Look at the lovely view! The service provided by the owner was also really good.

The hotel’s only restaurant is known for their pizzas which was recommended to us.We got the Four Cheese Pizza and it was the first time eating pizza in Japan. It is handmade using Hokkaido wheat and the result is delicious and rich tasting pizza from the cheese used. Never had such a good pizza in a while.

Iruka Hotel

Address: 099-4354 Hokkaido, Shari District, Shari, Utoronishi, 5