Here we are at Shiretoko Five Lakes on a lovely morning with clear picturesque blue skies. The Shiretoko Five Lakes (知床五湖, Shiretoko Goko) are a set of five small lakes formed long ago by the eruption of nearby Mount Io and fed by underground springs. Looking like the result of a god’s five fingerprints, the five lakes offer beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and wilderness, and provide visitors an easy way to experience Shiretoko‘s unspoiled nature.
Getting to the lake via these wooden boardwalks. Below the boardwalks are dense vegetation and also the habitat of the bears. However, the time we went was the off season for bear sighting, hence it is safer for visitors to explore the area.

A back view of me admiring the lake. The landscape is breathing, it looks like a desktop wallpaper! The sprawling mountains and clear blue skies complete the whole landscape. There wasn’t many people at that time, hence it was quiet and we really took the time to appreciate the crisp air and panoramic view.

The Shiretoko National Park is the main agenda for visitors visiting Shiretoko. I strongly recommend visiting Shiretoko even though it is rather far flung off to the East of Hokkaido.