There is a reason why Ronin Cafe is Hong Kong Street’s silent ninja. Ronin started up as a simple, no frills joint that had no explicit address, no phone number and basically no social media accounts. Yet, it has continuously drawn in the crowd with its mean scrambled eggs and coffee. Fast forward to 2017, the cafe has an Instagram account now, and the quality of its food is testament to its popularity in the scene.



Wicked ($6)


The Wicked is essentially a peppermint mocha but the peppermint comes in a form of a leaf gracing the surface of the drink, not some gimmicky syrup infused in the coffee. This combination has proven to be a potent one, making Wicked the mainstay beverage of Ronin. It is no wonder why, with its smooth and robust mocha and the minty fragrance of the peppermint. I always succumb to ordering this when I dine here, though I always plan to order other drinks. Wicked, indeed.




Savoury French Toast ($16)


The main reason why I return to Ronin repeatedly. I always love having full meals in the morning and this dish satisfies my taste buds everytime, not to mention stretching my boundaries a little with its hearty portion. The full repertoire includes 3 fluffy brioche toasts soaked throughly in its batter, the best bacon I have tasted so far, a poached apple (see, a deviation from the norm), and a dollop of butter.

The sweet flavours of the french toast plays a beautiful harmony with the saltiness of the bacon, supported by the slight acidity of the poached apple. I have to say Ronin’s french toast is the best I have tasted so far in Singapore, and no other cafes have come close to snatching the title from Ronin. Perhaps I need to travel out of this country to find the next reigning champion.




17 Hongkong St, Singapore 059660