When it comes to the waffles, Montana is the first thing that comes to mind. Montana’s specialty and perhaps their best suit to date is definitely their waffles.

I brought my friends to try Montana’s new brunch weekend menu as well as revisit their old favourites.


Assam Crab Waffle ($16.30) [Assam waffle, pineapple salsa, gula melaka mayo,
served with crab meat]


Who would have thought that the savoury waffles at Montana would taste so good? We were a little skeptical about how the crab flavours together with the Assam flavours will taste but we were pleasantly surprised at how this dish turned out. Waffles were no doubt crispy and fluffy as per Montana’s usual standards. The plump shreads of crab meat were fresh and the assam taste was tastefully prevalent throughout the dish. What impressed us the most was the gula melaka mayo which was fragrant, sweet and tangy at the same time. I could lick the sauce clean from the bowl.


Signature Mac & Cheese Waffle ($13.80) [Jalapeno, truffle oil, mac & cheese within the waffle. Served with curried tomato relish on the side]


Montana’s pièce de résistance and probably their most successful waffle created to date. What amazes me is how simple yet complex this dish was at the same time. Mac and cheese infused into the waffle batter gave the waffle an added dimension and did not warrant the dish one dimensional. The truffle oil did not merely serve as a perfume for the dish but was prevalent throughout the dish. The curried tomato relish was something rather out of this world too. First timers to Montana must definitely order this dish.


Smoked Salmon Waffles ($16.80) [Charcoal sesame waffles, smoked salmon, creme fraiche, chives, poached egg, miso brown butter hollandaise]


This item is part of Montana’s new weekend brunch menu and the first that caught my eye when it appeared on their official Instagram page. Who can resist a luscious poached egg drizzled with Hollandaise sauce and smoked salmon sitting atop a crispy and fluffy black sesame waffle? The ash black waffle is by no means gimmicky, with the fragrant earthy scent of black sesame wafting from within upon being sliced open.


Red Velvet Stack ($14.50) [Red velvet waffle stack, strawberry
shortcake ice cream, white chocolate rose syrup]


If there is only one dessert that you must order at Montana, it definitely has to be this dish. Not only does this dish score aesthetically, it’s taste does not let down either. Three halves of red velvet waffles and 2 big scoops of strawberry shortcake ice cream drizzled with white chocolate rose syrup seals the deal. The red velvet taste is pretty evident in the batter and it is further complemented by the syrup, which is not too sweet while maintaining a light whiff of rose.


Matcha Waffle ($14.30) [Matcha waffle, green tea ice cream, green tea marshmallow, kinako powder, black miso caramel]


When I first patronised Montana about three years ago, the Matcha Waffle was one of their mainstays and the first waffle dish I had. Fast forward three years later, this dish has undergone several changes but one thing has remained: its taste. The matcha scent and fragrance was prevalent throughout the batter and had an earthy aftertaste. The black miso caramel was very peculiar; upon first taste we could taste the caramel but could not quite figure out what the slighty ‘savoury’ taste was. Overall this was a splendid dish and once again proves that Montana is the connoisseur of waffles.





While the quality of the waffles is a fitting testament to Montana’s high standards, their other mains should not be taken slightly too. Their variety of pastas (11 to be exact) and burgers should also draw the crowd in to dine. Montana has proven its worth in this competitive F&B scene and it will definitely be here to stay.


Montana Singapore

Address: PoMo Mall, #02-25, 188306, 1 Selegie Rd, 188306

Phone: 6334 3137

Reservations: Chope