I think my fellow Serangoon homies can agree that our area has always been pretty mellow when it comes to exciting cafe options, therefore when Cottontail Creamery popped up in my hood just opposite Nex, I was stoked to check it out. I first saw pictures of their bright coloured cones on my Instagram feed and unique ice cream flavours. Suffice to say, it was all I needed to head down.

Cottontail specialises in ice cream and waffles, although they have recently launched a full fledged weekend brunch menu that starts from as early as 8.30am! They are a Taiwanese owned cafe and they pride themselves on offering refreshing and unique flavours, just so to inject a breath of fresh air into this already saturated dessert scene. Some of their flavours include Craft Beer IPA, Raw Honey Lavender, Russian Earl Grey, and Hokkaido Fresh Milk.


Waffles with Fresh Hokkaido Milk Ice cream ($9.30)

Waffles ($4.80), Ice Cream Single ($3.50, add $1 for Premium flavours)


What struck me most about the presentation of waffles is how similar it is to Creamier’s waffles. The same square shape with the same style of drizzle at the side. The waffles were crispy on the outside and fluffy in the inside, although I prefer my waffles to be more fluffy and less airy. Early Grey drizzle on the side complemented the sweetness of the dish well. The ice cream was very creamy and sweet, much like the white rabbit sweet during my childhood. I enjoyed the intense milkiness of the ice cream because I love milk.


Fluffy Pancake Stack ($12.50) [Fresh berries, housemade strawberry jam, passionfruit coulis, meringue, whipped cream. chia and sunflower seeds]


My friend has this dish which was part of their weekend brunch menu. To be honest, I was expecting a normal size pancakes at the least, but we were presented with five baby sized pancakes stacked atop each other. Taste wise, it still was the usual fluffy pancakes one can expect. The plate was littered with berries and chia seeds which were tart and refreshing. I could not care for the whipped cream though, mainly because I do not like whipped cream with anything at all; just extra calories agree?

To conclude, Cottontail does have a strong niche in its ice cream and waffles which puts them as a strong contender in the North East region of Singapore at least. I have yet to try their full brunch menu but for now, their waffles and ice cream will suffice. I do hope that they last long in this cut-throat industry to continue feeding my sugar needs, because honestly, enough cafes have closed down in these 4 months alone.


Cottontail Creamery

Address: Blk 326 Serangoon Ave 3, 01-378, 550326