One of my favourite spots for brunches and lunches has got to be Artistry. My first time at Artistry was a good 3 years ago and they were already an established café that had solidified themselves as the go-to brunch place. Present day, the quality of food served at Artistry has not dropped at all, and there is no telling why they have lasted so long in this tumultuous industry.

Duck Confit Pasta

Duck Confit Pesto Linguine ($18) ||  Fresh basil and pine nut pesto, shredded duck confit, chilli flakes, cherry tomatoes, garlic, parmesan cheese.


This is my first time having any kind of pasta here and we decided to go for this particular pasta over the Squid Ink Pasta, which we also heard rave reviews about. I am a fan of duck dishes so making this choice was simple. The basil and nut pesto, when mixed in with the rest of the dish, was refreshing and had an earthy flavour to it. The pine nut scent was also accented in the dish, though not overpowering.

The shredded duck was tender and flavourful, offering a good bite to the al dente pasta. Cherry tomatoes, something which I usually avoid, was sweet and juicy.

       Big Breakfast

 Big Breakfast ($22)


This big breakfast is a staple breakfast dish and a must order for anyone doing here for the first time. Although this is a dish that I am sure many people can whip up at home, the execution of the dish at Artistry is really deserving of an honorable mention. First of all, you have a myriad of ingredients swimming on the lovely clay black plate. There are silky scrambled eggs, beautifully toasted bread, bacon, Chorizo sausages, black mushrooms, potato balls and some lettuce.

This dish really fills the stomach with its generous portions and in my opinion the scrambled eggs here are really cooked well, silky and smooth, only second to my all time favourite scrambled eggs at Ronin cafe. The sausages were well spiced as well. The whole dish just manages to shine without any ingredient overpowering and overshadowing one another.

PB&J French Toast

PB&J French Toast ($14) ||  Peanut butter and raspberry jelly stuffed toast, spiced vanilla custard , Speculoos cookie soil. maple syrup, vanilla bean ice cream, mixed berry coulis

If there is only one dish you need to order at Artistry, this is the one. A very simple french toast dish done right, this dish alone can be a brunch item although this is classified as a desert item on the menu.

After reading a few reviews that mentioned the lack of peanut butter in their toast, I was pleasantly surprised to taste copious amounts of luscious peanut butter slathered in between soft fluffy toasts, the raspberry jelly a sly partner in crime which attacked my taste buds with glee.

The berry compote at the side was sweet and tart, pairing well with the creamy vanilla ice cream. The cold ice cream was a stark but good contrast to the warm toast, the vanilla also helped to balance out the richness of the peanut butter. Definitely will recommend and return for this dish alone, if not for their other impeccable mains.


What are you waiting for? Head on down to Artistry to experience truly delectable brunch.


Address: 17 Jalan Pinang (S) 199149

Phone: 6298 2420


Nearest MRT: Bugis