Toby’s Estate -Authentic Coffee and Sincere Food

Toby’s Estate opened its door in Asia in October 2011, with the launch of its flagship café and roastery in Singapore. The café overlooks the historic Singapore River in the picturesque area of Robertson Quay. Coffee beans are roasted in the in house roastery and the team comprises of world ranked barista and championship judges, so you can be sure you are only getting the best coffee.

I have visited Toby’s Estate a couple of times, be it getting a shot of coffee or just eating their hearty food, every experience was nothing short of great and I can safely say that this place serves the best Mocha I have tasted yet in Singapore. Besides coffee, their food is also pretty solid. Toby’s Estate is also on the Entertainer app, where you get to enjoy 1-for-1 deals!


Mocha Chai ($5)

The first variant of Mocha I have come across that has Chai infused in the drink. Mocha was thick and robust, while the chai fragrance complemented it by giving it a slighty spiced boost. Perfect medley of flavours from the rich chocolate and the aromatic and slightly spicy Chai. The end result is smooth, rich and full bodied coffee which blew me away.


Brekkie of Champions ($25) || Eggs of any style + espresso bacon + tomato + mushroom + beans + brioche

I think I have mentioned before in my post on Artistry, that I am a huge breakfast person. I love having a wholesome breakfast any day over mediocre mains that leave me feeling unsatisfied. In any case, this Brekkie of Champions doubles as a main too, with its sumptuous portion sure to fill any hungry belly. We opted for scrambled eggs instead of poached as we already ordered another dish with poached eggs.

I loved the sausage with its full on spiced and herb flavours, but it was a little too spicy for my dining partner who has zero tolerance towards heat. I too have low tolerance for heat but found it enjoyable nevertheless. I appreciated that they served whole baby tomatoes, it was juicy and also looked cute and small on the plate. Espresso bacon had a smoky flavour with hints of espresso that I enjoyed. Scrambled eggs were silky and smooth but we still prefer Ronin’s all time best scrambled eggs.


Rodyk Style ($19) || Poached eggs with Toby’s eggs Benny sauce, with salmon gravlax, cured here by our chef

I am a big fan of eggs, especially eggs benedict. Although one may argue that eggs benedict is passé and that it is a “been there done that” dish, Toby’s Estate does the dish pretty well, incorporating their own house made sauce for the Benny’s, as well as curing their smoked salmon in house.

Just take a look at the form of those eggs, sitting so proudly on that high-rise brioche toast. The eggs were perfectly poached, the yolk was luscious and flowed onto the brioche, soaking the bread in yellow gold. The toast itself is a star in its own right as it was thick and fluffy.


If you are looking for fantastic coffee and great food then definitely do not give Toby’s Estate a miss. The café’s high ceilings give rise to soft natural lighting and the warm ambiance of the café is perfect for a cuppa while working away on your laptop or just simply unwinding from the stress of life.

Toby’s Estate

Address: 8 Rodyk Street, Singapore 238216, #01-03/04

Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday – 7.30am to 6pm, Friday & Saturday – 7.30am to 8pm

Phone: 6636 7629


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