A.R.C Coffee – Academy, Roastery & Café

What strikes me about A.R.C Coffee is that they have a concept which stands out, with an Academy, Roastery & Café all in one place. The first level is a cosy café concept while the second floor is used as an academy for conducting classes, ranging from barista and latte art training to coffee appreciation workshops.

I had been wanting to drop by A.R.C Coffee for quite some time ever since it was established, and finally got around to going down to try their coffee and food, with extra incentive from the Entertainer app which offers 1-for-1 deals. A.R.C’s menu had some interesting items that sounded really good. I was actually surprised that their mains and breakfast items sounded really strong for a café that had a strong emphasis on coffee.


The Storehouse Breakfast ($20.80) || Sunny-side Up Eggs, Smoked Salmon, Homemade Guinness Bread, Baked Baby Potato, Sour Cream, Mesclun Salad, Baked Beans

“Inspired by our travels in Ireland, we incorporated some of the best flavours we had in Dublin to create a magical platter”. This dish caught my eye on the menu because it is currently one of the new items being offered. The thought of having a wholesome breakfast for lunch also made me salivate a little on the inside.

The dish was served up on an impressive round plate with a generous serving of food. I was pleasantly surprised that the smoked salmon did not look as bright in colour as the typical smoked salmon. It was hidden under the luscious bed of sunny-side up eggs. I appreciated how the smoked salmon was not as highly cured as other smoked salmon variants, which can be salty if over-cured. I was particularly impressed with the baked beans. I could not put a finger to it, but the baked beans tasted more savoury than the normal baked beans, boosting the flavour of the salmon when eaten with the eggs. Also another component that I loved was the homemade guinness bread. The richness and color of the bread gave it a warm brown colour, and an earthy sweetness came through in the aroma and taste.


The Ruru Mian ($18.80) ||  Spicy prawn aglio olio with spaghetti, finished with fresh basil

We ordered this as this was one of their popular dishes. The Ruru Mian is a simple prawn aglio olio done right. However, we noted that the presentation could be done better, as the noodles looked as though it was haphazardly scooped from the pan and dropped on to the plate.

With that being said, the portion of the pasta was rather big, with 6 juicy and plump prawns adorning the sides of the pasta. The pasta was al-dente, springy with a good chew to it. The prawns were also fresh and did not contain any hint of fishiness. As for the spiciness, it was manageable on the first bite, but after several mouthfuls it gradually got spicier, but we could manage it. This is a simple dish done right, and any chef worth his or her mark should definitely be able to whip up good pasta, that is what I feel.


Overall, we enjoyed both our dishes and we are definitely looking forward to return to try their other equally delicious-sounding mains, and of course the coffee. The Entertainer app’s 1-for-1 deals make the whole package even sweeter, allowing customers to shave off some spendings, making dining pocket-friendly and enjoyable.

A.R.C Coffee

Address: 29 Sultan Gate, Singapore 198477

Opening Hours: Monday – CLOSED, Tuesday to Thursday – 11am to 10pm, Friday – 11am to 12am, Saturday – 9.30am to 12am, Sunday – 9.30am to 10pm

Phone: 6291 6863

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